Fish Stocking Expansion – New Lakes

Stocked trout fisheries are popular in Alberta, with rainbow trout being the third most sought-after fish by anglers in Alberta. Given the popularity of stocked trout fisheries in Alberta, this project seeks to expand the number of stocked ponds through identification and screening of ponds with potential to support a stocked trout fishery. We identified and evaluated six new ponds (FS 1 in Didsbury, FS 179 in Carstairs, FS 232 in the Weberville area, FS 233 in Ponoka County, FS 234 in Penhold, and FS 235 in Rimbey) during the 2022 field season and determined that none met Alberta Conservation Association’s (ACA) criteria (e.g., water depth, dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity, pH, water clarity, absence of invasive species, barriers to prevent fish escapement, etc.) for a stocked fishery. However, three ponds—Chestermere Pond (near Chestermere), a borrow pit (BP1 near Fort McMurray), and Rotary Park Pond (Westlock)—identified in previous field seasons may be suitable for future fisheries. We are working with Alberta Environment and Protected Areas and local municipalities to determine next steps.


Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, Alberta Fish & Game Association, Alberta Transportation, County of Grande Prairie, Evelyn and Leslie Wadey, Lacombe Fish & Game Association, Saddle Hills County, Taber Irrigation District, Town of Taber

Annual Summaries

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