Fish Stocking Expansion – Yellow Perch Ponds

ACA annually stocks over 100,000 catchable-sized (i.e., 20 cm) trout into approximately 65 ponds to create put-and-take fisheries. Most of the ponds that we stock are located close to, or in urban centres, making them popular family destinations. In 2015, we evaluated the survival of trout in our stocked ponds and found that several waterbodies are not capable of supporting trout species beyond mid-summer due to poor water quality, particularly low dissolved oxygen and high temperature. Consequently, we began exploring alternate species that may be more tolerant of lower water quality than trout. In 2021, we proposed yellow perch as a species that meets these criteria and identified five ACA-stocked trout ponds as candidates for perch transfers from nearby waterbodies. However, the project was deferred pending the development of a provincial perch transfer protocol by Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP). Subsequently, we restocked all five ponds with trout.


Alberta Environment and Parks

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Fish Stocking Expansion - Yellow Perch Ponds 2021-2022 1