Mountain Whitefish Overwintering Habitat

This project seeks to support the continued development of instream flow needs in Alberta by building on our understanding of under-ice habitat use and availability for mountain whitefish. In September we implanted 54 mountain whitefish with radio telemetry tags and have since been tracking their movement using monthly aerial surveys. Fish travelled between 9 km upstream and 89 km downstream from initial tagging locations, with most fish moving in a downstream direction. Aerial surveys will be completed again in February and March, and will be complemented by ground surveys to collect habitat use and availability data. The results from this project will allow for a broader application of mountain whitefish instream flow needs across the Eastern Slopes of Alberta, and help inform management decisions with respect to water allocations and withdrawals.  


Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Innovates, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Millar Western Pulp Mill 

Annual Summaries

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Mountain Whitefish Overwintering Habitat 2017-2018 1