Owl River Fish Habitat Protection

In partnership with Syncrude, ACA is monitoring instream habitat on the Owl River from 2020 to 2045 related to riparian habitat restoration. In general, 2021 was considered a drought year, and water quality was likely impacted by low water levels but remained similar to 2011 baseline conditions. Dissolved oxygen levels were within optimal ranges for walleye and the fish community, but temperatures approached tolerance limits in July. Total phosphorus, total nitrogen, and total coliform counts were high across all sites. There was no clear pattern of macroinvertebrate distribution, and the total number of macroinvertebrate families in 2021 was similar to those in previous years. Overall water quality in the Owl River was classified as marginal in 2021. Due to low water levels in 2021, the fish community and aquatic habitat assessment were deferred to 2022.


Alberta Environment and Parks, County of Lac La Biche, Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Annual Summaries

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Owl River Fish Habitat Protection 2021-2022 1