Pike Fishery Angler Survey

High fishing pressure, coupled with slow-growing and late-maturing populations, have resulted in the over-harvest of many of Alberta’s sport fish populations, especially northern pike and walleye. To generate the information required for the management of these species on Gull and Snipe lakes, we conducted angler surveys during the summer of 2017. At Gull Lake, we interviewed 1,831 anglers who fished for 4,730.8 hours resulting in an estimated 17,436 anglers fishing for 43,382.8 hours or 5.35 h/ha of angling pressure during the survey period. At Snipe Lake, we interviewed 567 anglers who fished for 1,078.8 hours resulting in an estimated 1,910 anglers fishing for 4,266.0 hours or 1.01 h/ha of angling pressure. Angler catch rates were higher at Gull Lake than at Snipe Lake, with catch per unit effort of 0.68 walleye/h and 0.30 northern pike/h at Gull Lake and 0.09 walleye/h and 0.51 northern pike/h at Snipe Lake.  


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