Stocked Trout Survival

Stocking trout to create put-and-take fisheries is a popular management tool for providing recreational fisheries. Initial results suggest that put-and-take sport fisheries are composed of populations of many fewer fish than previously believed, but their location near municipalities makes them popular family destinations. Despite the cost and importance of stocking programs, little information exists on the fish after their stocking. To assess stocking success, we collected data to estimate survival of fish in two-week intervals at 12 ACA-stocked waterbodies. We also collected data at each waterbody to estimate angler effort and catch. Angler effort during the survey period ranged from 7 h/ha at Mirror Reservoir to 5,268 h/ha at Cipperley’s Reservoir, and harvest of stocked trout ranged from 3.3% at Mound Red Reservoir to 72.7% at Cipperley’s Reservoir. Fish survival ranged from 7.5% at Beaumont Pond to 99.7% at Nuggent Pond. Beaumont Pond and Mound Red Reservoir had similar low survival rates, but angler harvest at Beaumont Pond was 9.6 times higher than at Mound Red Reservoir indicating that a considerable portion of the fish at the reservoir are unaccounted for. Survival estimates were not completed at Lamont, Mirror and Parlby reservoirs, where fish captures were too low to estimate survival, but survival is suspected to be very low. At Mirror Reservoir, direct evidence of significant avian predation was observed, suggesting this is a large source of fish mortality at this reservoir.


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