Upper Clearwater River Native Trout Recovery

Three native trout species along the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains are listed under the Species at Risk Act because of decreasing populations. A government-led initiative, the Native Trout Recovery Program, was implemented in 2017 to recover native trout throughout their historic range. The program involves implementation of recovery actions (e.g., trail remediation/closures, implementing industry best-management practices, and suppression of non-native species) in an adaptive management framework. Watercourse crossings can have a negative impact on native trout by fragmenting habitat, depositing sediment, and changing stream channels. Using the Alberta Watercourse Crossing Initiative (ABWCI) app, we inspected 40 stream crossings in Elk, Peppers, and Cutoff creeks within the Upper Clearwater River watershed. Most crossings were in good condition, but three are high priority for bioengineering to mitigate point source sediment inputs entering into the creek. This work will be completed in 2023. We completed a short redd survey on Cutoff Creek to identify bull trout critical habitat. Complete redd surveys on Elk, Peppers, and Cutoff creeks will be completed in 2023.


Fisheries and Oceans Canada –Canada Nature Fund, Government of Alberta

Annual Summaries

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Upper Clearwater River Native Trout Recovery 2022-2023 1