Wapiti River Angler Survey

We conducted an angler survey to estimate angler effort, trip length, and fish catch on the Wapiti River between June 1 and September 30, 2019. We used a combination of instantaneous counts and angler interviews to derive effort estimates and angler catch data. During surveys, we interviewed 80 anglers and observed 45 anglers during flights. Of interviewed anglers, 66% were from Grande Prairie with another 20% from the surrounding area. We estimated anglers made 3,000 trips and fished for 4,085 hours. Catch rates were 0.54 walleye/h, 0.07 northern pike/h, 0.06 bull trout/h, and 0.003 goldeye/h. Estimated total fish caught was 2,730 made up of walleye (2,195), northern pike (271), bull trout (251), and goldeye (13). Estimated total angler harvest was 207 walleye. No anglers reported catching arctic grayling or mountain whitefish.


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Annual Summaries

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