Recreational Opportunity Enhancement 

The Recreational Opportunity Enhancement project was established to improve opportunities for fishing and hunting, as well as other non-consumptive activities such as hiking, canoeing, or photography. Improving waterfowl hunter access to Crown waterbodies and improving upland and big game hunter access to private lands is the major focus of this project. In addition, the project will focus on initiatives that enhance access to major rivers such as the Bow and North Saskatchewan rivers for angling and other water-related recreational activities that would be beneficial to our stakeholders. Working with individual landowners has allowed us to improve hunter access to approximately 91,000 acres (36,826 ha) of private land across southern Alberta through a sign-in access system. In an effort to reduce ungulate depredation issues and improve hunter access in northwestern Alberta, we continue to collaborate with partners to develop a pilot program that will connect hunters with landowners experiencing depredation issues. Not only will increased opportunities encourage hunter and angler recruitment, it will also help maintain quality outdoor experiences by distributing hunters and anglers across the landscape.


Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Fish & Game Association, Canadian Land Access Systems, Landowners, Lethbridge Fish & Game Association

Annual Summaries

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Recreational Opportunity Enhancement 2016-2017 3
Recreational Opportunity Enhancement 2017-2018 3
Recreational Opportunity Enhancement 2018-2019 3