ACA/4-H Pheasant Raise and Release Program

Pheasants were first introduced into Alberta in 1908 by a group of recreational enthusiasts who wanted enhanced upland hunting opportunities. More than 100 years later, the tradition continues as we partner with stakeholders to improve upland hunting opportunities in Alberta. Changes in agricultural practices and the conversion of prairie into cropland have dramatically modified the landscape—native gamebirds are nearly eliminated from areas dedicated to cropland. Provided that a suite of specific habitat features is present, pheasants can adapt to these areas. In 2014, we initiated a partnership with 4-H Alberta to offer kids the opportunity to learn about pheasants and raise them from day-old chicks into near adult hens. In this first year, we limited participation to twenty 4-H kids, who raised 1,525 hen pheasants and released them into suitable upland habitat. We held a workshop for the kids to provide guidance on pheasant husbandry and to discuss the vital habitat features pheasants need to survive in the wild. We also visited many of the kids at their farms to discuss pen design and the condition of their pheasants. The initial year of the program was such a huge success that we are expanding the program to accommodate up to 100 kids!


4-H, ATB Financial, Lethbridge Fish & Game Association, Pheasants Forever – Lethbridge Chapter, Red Deer Fish & Game Association, Vulcan and District Fish & Game Association

Annual Summaries

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ACA/4-H Pheasant Raise and Release Program 2014-2015 2
ACA/4-H Pheasant Raise and Release Program 2015-2016 2
ACA/4-H Pheasant Raise and Release Program 2016-2017 2
ACA/4-H Pheasant Raise and Release Program 2017-2018 2