Effect of Industrial Disturbance on Wolverine and Lynx

We are partnering with the Alberta Trappers’ Association to identify where wolverines occur in the province and to determine the major factors associated with their distribution using data collected with remote cameras. To complement this work, we initiated a partnership with the University of Alberta to investigate wolverine ecology at a finer scale. Ph.D. student, Matthew Scrafford, is researching the effects of industrial activity on wolverine ecology in the boreal forest of northern Alberta. As part of our commitment to the project, we have been assisting with radio collaring wolverines and investigating their movements, feeding patterns and den site selection. Twenty-nine wolverines have been captured over the past two winters. These animals are helping us understand factors that are important for long-term sustainable populations, and are shedding additional light on results from our coarser-scale research with the Alberta Trappers’ Association.


Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Trappers’ Association, Animal Damage Control – A Division of Bushman Inc., ATB Financial, Bildson Realty Ltd., Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd., Hinton Trappers Association, Richard D. McCabe Professional Corporation, Rocky Mountain Wilderness Society, Stojan’s Motor Sports, Trapper Gord Homestead & Survival, University of Alberta, Various individual donors:

  • P. Bumstead, L. Elias, L. Hommy,
  • R. Kantor, G. Kruger, G. Macmillan, L. Marciak, D. Middleton, S. Otto,
  • A. Pollock, D. Pilon, R. Reed,
  • B. Smith, J. Sorenson, W. Sullivan,
  • N. Tait, D. Ukeniek, S. Wilson and M. Zapach

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Effect of Industrial Disturbance on Wolverine and Lynx 2014-2015 2
Effect of Industrial Disturbance on Wolverine and Lynx 2015-2016 2