MULTISAR – Milk River 

We focus on multi-species conservation at the landscape level that promotes stewardship through voluntary participation of landholders on both Crown and private lands. The program is a collaborative effort among landholders, ACA, Alberta Environment and Parks, and Prairie Conservation Forum. Our primary goal is to collaboratively develop plans to benefit multiple species; these plans are then implemented through habitat enhancement activities that benefit both the ranch operation and wildlife. We reassessed four ranches previously surveyed in 2013 and 2014, totalling 54,790 acres. We completed 176 range health assessments, 19 tame pasture health assessments, and five riparian assessments. In total, we had 2,605 wildlife observations. We saw a maintenance or increase in range health, even after two years of dry conditions, with the average health scores increasing by as much as 13%. We also saw the number of unhealthy range sites identified during baseline assessments decrease by as much as 14%. In 2019 we completed seven new habitat enhancements on four ranches and continued work on one other enhancement initiated in previous years. These enhancements include wildlife-friendly fencing, hawk pole installation, portable fencing, upland watering sites, and continued work on our reseeding projects. These improvements not only benefit species at risk habitat but can also provide benefits to upland game birds and ungulates habitat that many hunters and anglers have come to enjoy.


Alberta Environment and Parks, EQUS, Government of Canada, Landholders, Milk River Watershed Council Canada, Prairie Conservation Forum

Annual Summaries

Title Year Category
MULTISAR – Milk River 2016-2017 2
MULTISAR – Milk River 2017-2018 2
MULTISAR – Milk River 2018-2019 2
MULTISAR – Milk River 2019-2020 2
MULTISAR – Milk River 2020-2021 2
Multisar Milk River 2021-2022 2