MULTISAR – South Saskatchewan

There are numerous species at risk in southern Alberta, often overlapping with agricultural landscapes. Existing management practices on these lands are what have allowed these species to persist, but there are also many opportunities on these lands and adjoining lands to further enhance habitat quality for these species while also benefiting agricultural operations. We work collaboratively with multiple partners to maintain, increase, and improve habitat for species at risk within the Grassland Natural Region of Alberta. In the past year, we collaborated with five new ranchers completing Habitat Conservation Strategies (HCS) on their properties, completed an HCS reassessment on a sixth ranch, and completed Habitat Management Plans (HMP) for three additional operators, covering a total of 101,060 acres of land. We identified 178 different species on these nine properties, including four species listed as federally Endangered, nine species listed as Threatened, and nine species listed as Special Concern. In all, we had 5,533 wildlife observations. On these same nine properties, we conducted 180 detailed range transects, 344 range health assessments, 37 tame pasture assessments, 253 visual assessments, 56 HMP litter/Robel pole measurements, and 72 riparian health assessments.

We also partnered with 12 producers to implement 19 enhancements including two portable electric fencing units, two fencing projects (riparian fencing and fencing off loggerhead shrike habitat), three portable watering units, five upland water developments (i.e., pasture pipeline designed to move water throughout the property, spring development, permanent water troughs), three ferruginous hawk poles and two platforms (delivered to landowners to create their own ferruginous hawk poles), and weed control assistance on three properties.

Our interaction with the ranching community throughout southern Alberta continues to grow, and we anticipate partnering with two to three additional operators each year moving forward. In addition to formulating a long-term detailed plan with each ranch, we will continue to identify and help the operator to implement key enhancement activities as opportunities occur in the coming years.


Alberta Beef Producers, AltaLink, Canadian Cattle Association, Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Cows and Fish – Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, Environment and Climate Change Canada, EQUS, Government of Alberta, landholders, Prairie Conservation Forum

Annual Summaries

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