MULTISAR – South Saskatchewan

Numerous species at risk occur in the southern part of Alberta, often overlapping with agricultural landscapes. Existing management practices on these lands is what has allowed these species to persist, but there are also many opportunities on these lands and adjoining lands to further enhance habitat quality for these species while also benefitting agricultural operations. We work collaboratively with multiple partners to maintain, increase, and improve habitat for species at risk within the Grassland Natural Region of Alberta. In 2019, we collaborated with ranchers and completed four Habitat Conservation Strategies and two Habitat Management Plans (HMP) on 49,514 acres of land. We partnered with six producers on nine enhancements including three movable electric fencing units, bio-control insects for leafy spurge, one wildlifefriendly fencing project, two portable watering units, and two tire troughs at a natural spring, getting cattle out of the flowing water. We identified 173 different species on these six properties, including one species that is federally considered Endangered, nine species that are Threatened, and eight that are Species of Special Concern. In all, we had 4,664 observations of species. On these same six properties, we also conducted 246 detailed range transects, 308 range health assessments, 10 tame pasture assessments, 65 visual assessments, 21 HMP litter/Robel pole measurements, and nine riparian health assessments. Long-term relationships built on mutual respect and trust between conservation groups and landowners have allowed us to collaborate with more than 90 producers and implement enhancements on close to 167,910 acres since the project started in 2016.


Alberta Beef Producers, Alberta Environment and Parks, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Cows and Fish – Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, Government of Canada, Landholders, Prairie Conservation Forum

Annual Summaries

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