Upland Gamebird Studies – Upland Gamebird Productivity Surveys

We worked with volunteers to conduct annual upland gamebird productivity surveys in some of southern Alberta’s best habitat. We encountered a total of 129 pheasants, and 151 grey partridge within 29 hours of survey time covering 67 km. This translates to 1.93 pheasants and 2.25 partridge for each kilometre travelled. Compared to previous survey years, this indicates a below average year for both pheasants and grey partridge. The information acquired from these surveys helps us understand population trends, brood success, as well as heighten the excitement for the upcoming hunting season as we release survey results on our website and various social media venues each fall.


Landowners, Pheasants Forever – Calgary Chapter, Volunteers – Dog Handlers, Alberta Environment and Parks

Annual Summaries

We are working hard to upload all past summaries. If there is a report you would like to see that isn't presently here, please email info@ab-conservation.com

Title Year Category
Upland Gamebird Studies 2014-2015 2
Upland Gamebird Retention Surveys 2015-2016 2
Upland Gamebird Studies-Upland Gamebird Productivity Surveys 2017-2018 2
Upland Gamebird Studies – Upland Gamebird Productivity Surveys 2018-2019 2