Pheasant and Grey Partridge
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CPR Reservoir

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This 305-acre Alberta Fish and Game site is day use only, with no open fires and foot access only. The site is now fenced with a parking lot at the south end of property.

Hunters are reminded to use respect at all times, remembering to adhere to all landowner requests. Close gates, hunt on foot, keep vehicles in designated parking lots and trails, pick up all garbage and spent shells, and advise landowners of any livestock or fencing issues you may encounter. Refrain from cleaning birds at release properties, and remember that fires are not allowed on release properties.

This site is also listed in ACA's Alberta Discover Guide.

Quarter Sections

NW/NE/SW/SE-13-10-20-W4M, NW/NE/SW/SE-14-10-20-W4M, NW/NE/SW/SE-23-10-20-W4M, NW/NE/SW/SE-24-10-20-W4M

Releases Between

Oct 15 - Nov 17