Distribution and first reports of Branchiobdellida (Annelida: Clitellata) on crayfish in the prairie provinces of Canada


Bronwyn W. Williams, Stuart R. Gelder, and Heather Proctor


Western North American Naturalist 69(1): 119-124; 2009


Orconectes virilis (northern crayfish) were collected from 67 sites in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and far-western Ontario, Canada, and yielded 2 species of branchiobdellidans,Cambarincola vitreus and Cambarincola chirocephalus. This is the first report of branchiobdellidans in the Prairie Provinces. Cambarincola vitreus was distributed across the study area, but C. chirocephalus appeared to be restricted to southeastern Saskatchewan, southern Manitoba, and the site in western Ontario. Neither branchiobdellidan species was observed on crayfish in the Beaver River or the South Saskatchewan River and associated tributaries upstream (west) of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, despite multiple sampling at these locations.