1998 Stocked Aerated Lake Angler Survey Summary


David Jackson


The management of stocked aerated lakes is necessary for the production of quality fisheries. Three stocked aerated lakes (Sulphur, Figure Eight and Swan) in the Northwest Boreal Region were surveyed from June 5 to September 13, 1998. This recreational fishery survey was designed to collect information on angler use (effort), harvest and satisfaction. The data collected will assist to evaluate future stocking rates, ensure angler satisfaction and cost effectiveness. At Sulphur and Swan lakes an access point survey was conducted, while at Figure Eight Lake a modified roving access point survey was used. Figure Eight Lake had the highest observed use with 245 anglers surveyed. Sulphur Lake had the highest observed catch (n=558) while Swan lake recorded the highest observed harvest (n=124). The angler satisfaction questionnaire showed 79.7% (n=338) of all anglers surveyed (n=424) rated their trip satisfaction as good, 19.1% (n=81) as fair and 1.2% (n=5) as poor.

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