2002/2003 Fox Creek Beaver Dam Removal Project


James Milner, Emily Lemieux, Corey Rasmussen


The Fox Creek beaver dam removal project was implemented in 1985 by the Alberta government, and has been repeated annually since that time. Beaver dams that presented barriers to fish migration were removed prior to the walleye spawning migration, allowing walleye access to the only identified spawning areas. This is viewed as extremely important to the maintenance of the Iosegun Lake walleye population.

Adverse weather conditions delayed the removal of beaver dams until after the walleye spawning migration had commenced. Unlike previous years, explosives could not be used to remove the dams due to the active spawning migration. The study area was inspected periodically before the dams were removed to determine the presence, locations and numbers of dams to be removed. Following dam removal, periodic visits were made to monitor walleye movements and to ensure that beaver dams were not being rebuilt.

The Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) in partnership with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (ASRD) carried out this program. Funding was provided by the ACA through the Fisheries Habitat Development Program.

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