A Summary of the Peace Parkland Native Grassland Stewardship Program Landowner Survey 2002


Lorraine Sawdon


The Peace Parkland Native Grasslands Stewardship Program Landowner Survey was distributed to landowners in the Fairview, Spirit River and Grande Prairie areas of the Peace River country between May and August, 2002. The prime objectives of the survey were to determine the level of interest in native grasslands and their stewardship, to identify potential future landowner partners with the Alberta Conservation Association, to determine the level of awareness about existing stewardship programs, to provide an opportunity for land owners to express their concerns, and to help tailor information to the needs of land owners. The vast majority of landowners interviewed believed that conserving native grasslands was important and most were open to the idea of conserving native grasslands on their property. The greatest motivation for its conservation was self –satisfaction, while the greatest deterrent to conserve native grassland was the increased risk of liability from trespassers. Most landowners were unaware of the various stewardship options. The resulting recommendation is that more monetary funds be put into educational purposes with the aim to spread the concepts and programs that deal with stewardship, and promote recruitment into those programs.

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