Assessment of the Status of the Sport Fishery for Northern Pike at Seibert Lake, 2000


B. Patterson


Seibert Lake was designated a trophy lake for pike in 1970. Anglers were required to purchase a special pike license in addition to their provincial license. The daily catch and possession limit for pike was 2 fish of any size. In 1995 a daily catch and possession limit of 2 pike over 90 cm natural total length (TL nat) minimum size limit was implemented. In 1998 the trophy status was removed and no special license was required. However, the daily catch and possession limit and length restriction did not change. In 1999, Alberta Natural Resources Service implemented a pike management strategy at all pike lakes (Berry 1999) except Seibert Lake. In 2000, the regulation was modified and a 1 pike over 100 cm maximum total length (TL max) pike daily catch and possession limit was implemented.

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