Assessment of the Status of the Sport Fishery for Walleye at Vincent Lake, 1997


Bill Patterson, M. G. Sullivan


To recover or maintain Alberta's walleye fisheries, a new walleye management strategy
was implemented in 1996. In 1996, the walleye fishery at Vincent Lake was classified as a
stocked walleye fishery and a zero (0) daily bag limit was implemented. In order to monitor the
status of the walleye fishery at Vincent Lake, a creel survey was conducted during May to
August 1997. The approximate number of anglers was 3368. The approximate angler effort was
8.6 angler-hours. There was no angler harvest of walleye. The corrected release rate for
walleye was 0.074 fish / hr.
Historical and anecdotal information indicates walleye are not native to Vincent Lake.
Walleye were stocked into Vincent Lake in 1951, 1958, 1990, 1991 and 1992. A creel census in
1982 - 1983 and the 1997 survey suggest that the stocked walleye have naturalized.
Based on the criteria used to classify walleye stocks in Alberta the walleye in Vincent
Lake should retain the classification of “stocked”. The regulation recommended in Alberta's
walleye management strategy for a stocked walleye fishery is catch and release (0 daily bag
limit) for walleye.

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