Cavity Nesting Waterfowl Habitat Program 2008


James R. Potter


The original Buffalo Lake Duck Box Project (1989) was initiated to increase the population of cavity nesting ducks in the Buffalo Lake Moraine (BLM) and to obtain additional data on cavity nesting species. Data collected over the first 15 years of the project was then used to enhance the long‐ term goal of conserving habitat. The project has expanded in to the Pine Lake Moraine and the name has been changed to the Cavity Nesting Waterfowl Habitat Program.

A brochure was produced (Conserving Habitat) in 2004 and 3000 copies were printed. This pamphlet focuses on habitat conservation for cavity nesting species with information on preserving old growth forest habitat. Brochures are distributed to various groups and individuals as well as electronically through e‐mails.

In the 2007‐08 year, 274 boxes were monitored and 38 new boxes were placed. This brings the total number of boxes in the project to 1274. PowerPoint presentations were made to 56 landowners involved in the nest box program and their guests, for a total of 176 participants. We delivered seven presentations to various groups, three of which included constructing pre‐cut nest boxes at the seminars, from April 2007 to March 2008. Forty four boxes were donated to various groups and individuals. Two field trips were undertaken; one in April toured nesting Saw‐whet Owls in the Pine Lake Moraine, and one in June also observing nesting Saw‐whet Owls. One hundred and fifty five people attended presentations bringing the approximate number attending nest box seminars since 1989 to 1259 adults and 1093 youth.

Future work includes continued updating of information on participating landowners, GPS locations of all boxes and monitoring existing boxes in five‐year cycles. A “Fact Sheet” in the form of a booklet is in production and should be available in 2008‐09. Presentations to landowners, various youth groups and conservation organizations will be delivered on an ongoing basis.

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