Review of Fish and Fish Habitat Information from the Bearberry Creek Drainage. Alberta Conservation Association Activity Report.


Kevin Fitzsimmons


Bearberry Creek is a small stream in the foothills of Alberta that drains into the Red
Deer River in the Town of Sundre, Alberta (Figure 1). Over the past half‐century
land use practices and a loss of connectivity with the Red Deer River have degraded
the condition of riparian and aquatic habitat in the Bearberry Creek drainage. As of
2004, Bearberry Creek has been reconnected to the Red Deer River, stimulating
considerable interest in riparian and aquatic habitat restoration in the Bearberry
Creek drainage. The purpose of this activity report is to provide a summary of
current and historical fish and fish habitat data from the Bearberry Creek drainage
for the purpose of planning habitat restoration projects in the Bearberry Creek
drainage. The specific objectives of this report are to:

• Summarize the geophysical aspects of Bearberry Creek.
• Summarize the available fish and fish habitat information from the Bearberry
Creek drainage.
• Provide a summary of factors leading to the degradation of fish habitat and the
change in fish communities over the past 100 year

Accompanying this activity report is Appendix 1; a PowerPoint presentation
summarizing the information contained in this report. This presentation is intended
for use in engaging stakeholders in discussion and planning of aquatic and riparian
habitat restoration projects in the Bearberry Creek drainage.

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