Status of Walleye Stock at Touchwood Lake, Alberta, 2004


Bill Patterson and Stephanie R. Grossman


To aid in the management and recovery of walleye stock at Touchwood Lake, the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) conducted a Fall Walleye Index Netting (FWIN) from 8 to 10 September 2004. The purpose of this survey was to collect data for the ongoing assessment of the walleye fishery at Touchwood Lake. Fall Walleye Index Netting provides both abundance and population structure information and is used to assist Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (ASRD) in the sustainable management of the sport fishery.

Results from this survey indicate that Touchwood Lake had high densities of 2- to 8-year old walleye, indicating that successful recruitment to the breeding population is expected in upcoming years. However, the catch rate in all age classes was very low (< 2 fish/100m2/24h), suggesting that recruitment to the breeding population may be low. The mean age of walleye was 6.7 years and the fishery was composed of moderately fast growing and early maturing fish, with an estimated mean catch rate of 13.9 fish/100m2/24h (95% CI = 9.8 - 17.7 fish/100m2/24h; n = 250).

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