WMU 402 Goat Survey - AUS Report July 2009


ACA and ASRD, Fish and Wildlife


An aerial survey to monitor the status of the mountain goat population in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 402 was conducted on July 11th, 12th and 15th, 2009. Survey objectives included the collection of herd distribution, herd composition and total goat numbers. All mountain complexes associated with the WMU 402 goat survey received detailed aerial coverage during the survey. The WMU 402 survey area is the northern portion of Goat Management Area (GMA)–A, and currently does not have a designated goat hunting area.

A total of 186 mountain goats (119 adults, 44 kids and 23 yearlings) were observed during the survey. Kid and yearling ratios per 100 adults were 37 and 19 respectively. Sixty nine goats were observed on the Alberta side of the Continental Divide while 41 goats were observed in British Columbia. One hundred eighty six goats represent a 24 percent increase in the estimated population (based on total goats observed during survey) compared to 2006 when 142 goats were recorded. Crowsnest Mountain goat numbers have almost doubled since 2006, from 35 to 65 in total.

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