2023 Peregrine Cameras

Bell Tower

Camera Timeline

2023-05-26: Two makes a Pair

Exciting news for the Bell Tower pair… a second egg! Incubation will officially start when the last egg is laid after which the female will take the primary role of incubation while the male brings her food.

2023-04-24: Falcons at Bell

Spring has arrived! And so have a peregrine pair...along with their first egg of the season! We are happy to see the pair have settled in and started brooding. Stay tuned to see brooding, hatching, feeding, and fledging. Here's to an exciting season!

MULTISAR = Multiple Species at Risk

MULTISAR works with many partners to conserve Species at Risk in Alberta’s native grasslands through habitat stewardship. Aside from the ferruginous hawks, there are many other at-risk grasslands species that their work helps to conserve, while also providing a host of benefits to landholders. If you or someone you know manages land in Alberta’s grassland, have a look at what they do here.

For further reading, check out Species at Risk Conservation Stories or find more Species at Risk publications and resources.


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