Genesee Peregrine Cam

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Update: May 8, 2019

Judging from their markings, habits, and calls, we're pretty sure the unbanded male that's been coming here since 2012 and M27 are back for another year, but we can't be positive until we get a look at those ankle bracelets. 


Update: May 3, 2019

We can't be positive what male and female have showed up this year, but we are positive that whoever they are, they're brooding on four eggs. 


Parents of the Year: bring that award over to Genesee! Early last season, we confirmed the male spotted at this site is the same one that's been there since 2012. We were pretty sure that M27 came back for another year too.

This mom showed off some amazing timing. In 2017, it took about five days for the chicks to hatch. This last year there was 22 hours between chick one and chick four, despite the eggs being laid seven days apart!

Consider Genesee the calmest nest box of them all: no drama, just attentive parents raising their chicks. We’ll see if 2019 brings more of the same.

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