2022 Peregrine Cameras

Genesee Power Plant

Camera is closed for the season. Please check back next year.

Seasonal Summary: 2022

The peregrine pair at Genesee did such a good job of brooding their eggs that viewers were guessing all summer as to how many eggs were actually in the nest box. We didn’t have a definitive answer until we saw four puffballs in view. The late start to the season meant that the juveniles at this site were the last to fledge at the end of July.

Camera Timeline

2022-07-25: Eventful Days

It has been an eventful couple days for the fledglings. Three of the birds fledged on Saturday, while the last one fledged today. This final fledge concludes the fledging season of 2022.

2022-07-20: Large and In Charge

The four young birds are well-developed and seemingly ready to fledge any day now.

2022-07-09: Growing Up

The four chicks are growing up so quickly! They are starting to get their brown colouring, and their girth is filling the nest box. They will start to move in and out of the camera's view as they get ready for fledging.

2022-06-17: Mission: Solved

To answer the initial question, How many eggs are at Genesee?, there are 4! The fourth egg has hatched and all the chicks seem to be feeding and sleeping well.

2022-06-15: And then there were Three

A third has hatched! The three chicks seem to be well-fed, kept warm from the rain and wind, and sleeping under the alternating peregrine pair.

2022-06-14: Two Solved Mysteries

At least two chicks have been seen at Genesee. Have more eggs hatched? The mysteries at this nest box continue to unfold.

2022-05-31: All Seems Well

The peregrine pair seem very diligent in brooding their eggs, which are likely to hatch soon. Keep watching!

2022-05-13: How many eggs do you see?

Are your eyes playing tricks on you? At one point, there were up to 5 eggs…then down to 2…now there are 4 eggs. What is happening? We are still confirming with our sources regarding the egg shuffle. This peregrine pair really keeps viewers on their toes!

2022-05-04: See and Be Peregrine

Peregrines have been spotted, they have settled...and there are 3 eggs! If you remember from last year, the birds were onsite, they just hadn't settled on camera.

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