Nutrien Peregrine Camera

Seasonal Summary: 2021

The peregrine pair at Nutrien settled in early May and laid four eggs. Despite the hot weather, all four eggs hatched, and the young were doing very well. After banding in mid-July, two of the young (one male and one female) were taken to the Pembina hack site, where they fledged successfully. Unfortunately, the two young (one male and one female) remaining in the nest box died suddenly at the end of July. As of October 2021, the results of the necropsy are yet to be determined.

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July 29, 2021

Great news from the Pembina hack site. On July 13, male and a female were moved to the hack site from the Nutrien nest box, and they are thriving! They have already been released from the hack box as they are starting to fledge, and they have been welcomed to the natural setting at the cliff by two young females.

They will be joined by at least 12 more young (2 of which are males from the Misericordia nest box) that will be removed from their respective nest boxes around the city in the next 2 weeks. All the birds will be fed well until they eventually disperse in early September.

July 27, 2021

We have some very unfortunate news at Nutrien. Both the young male and female peregrine falcons died suddenly yesterday. The wildlife biologist has removed the birds and will be conducting a necropsy to see if they can determine the cause of death.

July 15, 2021

The chicks are growing up so quickly! Can you believe that they are already 4 weeks old? Which means that the chicks were ready for banding. While the biologists carefully banded all four of the chicks on July 13, they also hydrated the chicks, dusted the nest for ectoparasites, added a new layer of gravel, and cleaned the camera (thank you very much!).

As most of our viewers noticed, two of the chicks were missing after the banding. Where did they go? They were removed and taken to the Pembina hack site. Rest assured, the chicks are alive and well, and will fledge when they are ready in a safe environment.For more information regarding this decision and process, please refer to the ACA webpage:

July 6, 2021

Last week’s heat wave was a rough one, but the peregrines and their chicks persevered through it. Luckily, the nest box provides fantastic shade for the young, and if that’s not enough, the female adult peregrine will provide it. The biggest concern at this age is exposure to prolonged rain.

June 22, 2021

As of the evening on June 18, Nutrien has 4 chicks! The adults are diligently taking turns keeping the chicks warm and fed.

Unfortunately, the video is a bit foggy as the camera lens is dirty, likely from natural debris. However, the birds can still be seen.

June 16, 2021

After an incubation exchange, one of the adult falcons was spotted repositioning the 3 eggs in the nest. Peregrines roll the eggs frequently (either every shift change or every hour or so) to ensure the eggs are warmed evenly, and to ensure the unborn chicks receive optimal nutrients from their embryonic membranes to grow and develop. Closer to hatching, the female peregrine typically turns the eggs more frequently. Stay tuned to see if she is turning them more; we could be seeing chicks very soon!

May 28, 2021

Brooding seems to be going well at Nutrien. The peregrines are taking turns protecting the eggs from the strong winds and chilly weather.

May 11, 2021

We have some exciting and unexpected news at Nutrien: 3 eggs have been laid! Though the birds were only seen sporadically and we didn't see them settle, they have clearly made this nest their home for the season.

May 4, 2021

Peregrines have been spotted! One falcon was even seen sitting in the nest for the afternoon. However, they haven’t seemed to settle yet. Stay tuned as a peregrine pair will be looking to lay their eggs in this nest box very soon.

April 23, 2021

Though there is no action yet from the peregrines on camera, it doesn't mean that there isn't anything going on behind the scenes. As falcons have been spotted throughout the city, there's a chance that there are peregrines fighting for this nesting site. Stay tuned to see which pair wins the battle for the Nutrien site.

Seasonal Summary: 2020

The young, unidentified peregrine pair at Nutrien faced struggles and adversity this year. Though they had successfully laid 2 eggs, and despite the tiercel’s great efforts to brood, the eggs were not viable. Though the female won the site in a violent battle with another female peregrine mid-May, the fight was detrimental to her breeding attempt for the year.

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