2023 Peregrine Cameras

Shell Scotford

After an extreme cloudburst with high winds and intense rain, the Scotford nest site experienced technical difficulties and sadly, we lost two young chicks. Despite this, the remaining three have been thriving.

Long-time viewers might have noticed a change in male presence, with an inexperienced newcomer filling in as the stepfather of the chicks. Despite a rough start, he has adapted admirably, learning to share feeding responsibilities and becoming a vital provider.

Please note: our Alberta peregrines often lack the natural shelter provided by overhanging rocks, making nest boxes their only protection against harsh weather conditions. Heavy rain can be a significant threat to chick survival.

Camera Timeline

2023-05-08: Non-traditional Nests

Did you know that peregrine falcons don't build traditional nests? They make shallow bowls in gravel or dirt on ledges of cliffs, buildings, bridges, and even in the old nests of bigger birds.

MULTISAR = Multiple Species at Risk

MULTISAR works with many partners to conserve Species at Risk in Alberta’s native grasslands through habitat stewardship. Aside from the ferruginous hawks, there are many other at-risk grasslands species that their work helps to conserve, while also providing a host of benefits to landholders. If you or someone you know manages land in Alberta’s grassland, have a look at what they do here.

For further reading, check out Species at Risk Conservation Stories or find more Species at Risk publications and resources.


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