Weber Centre Peregrine Camera


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Thanks again to AltaLink for their generous sponsorship of this live streaming video that attracts Canadian and international viewers. We'd also like to thank the following sponsors and the organizations that also helped make this viewing opportunity possible: Aspen Properties, Terago, WiBand, Capital Power, and Nutrien.

Seasonal Summary: 2020

Welcome back to viewing peregrines at the Weber Centre! This camera has been down for a few seasons, but we are happy to have it up and running for some exciting peregrine viewing.

Historically, the Weber Centre is a site for suspense and drama. This year, to ensure the peregrines’ safety, the nest box has been moved to a secure location on the building.


Sometimes the drama simply comes to a halt! Weber site has brought us many ups and downs: B72 came along and ousted D01, then a new, high-flying, unbanded male took over, including the two eggs already laid by Green Girl. Sadly, last year a chick flew into the building at high speed and broke his neck.

As for this year, the Weber site will be on hiatus due to construction. Be sure to keep tabs on all of our other cameras for just as much peregrine action!

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MULTISAR = Multiple Species at Risk

MULTISAR works with many partners to conserve Species at Risk in Alberta’s native grasslands through habitat stewardship. Aside from the ferruginous hawks, there are many other at-risk grasslands species that their work helps to conserve, while also providing a host of benefits to landholders. If you or someone you know manages land in Alberta’s grassland, have a look at what they do here.

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