Management Plan Development

ACA currently manages and maintains 195 Conservation Sites, which we have secured as a collaborative effort with a variety of partners. For each of these sites, we work with our partners to develop management plans with five-year terms to outline roles and responsibilities. Plans emphasize developing detailed habitat management objectives and implementing activities that maintain the ecological integrity of the Conservation Site and provide complementary recreational opportunities. Management plans are reviewed and updated by ACA and our partners, as required or on a term basis (every five years), to ensure we deliver on the goals and activities identified in the plans. In 2014/15, we developed 12 new management plans for sites secured since 2013 and reviewed and updated 27 management plans.


Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Fish & Game Association, ConocoPhillips, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Pheasants Forever – Calgary and Chinook Chapters, Shell Canada Energy, Western Sky Land Trust Society, Wild Elk Federation

Annual Summaries

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Management Plan Development 2014-2015 3
Management Plan Development 2015-2016 3
Management Plan Development 2016-2017 3