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New Report A Poacher Trailer!

Hunt responsibly. Fish responsibly. Don't be a poacher. The new Report A Poacher trailer is bold and forthright in its message to Albertans.

"As hunters and anglers, our passion is the outdoors but our responsibility is to know and follow the regulations," says Ken Kranrod, Vice President, Alberta Conservation Association (ACA). "The new trailer reinforces this message with important content on best practices like understanding fish species and size restrictions before you drop a line; or knowing what geese are in season and how to identify them before heading into the field. Not knowing is simply not an excuse. So, education is key."

New to Report A Poacher Program - Reporting Land Crimes

While the majority of Albertans are responsible users of public lands, there are examples every year of inappropriate land stewardship. For example, carelessly driving all-terrain vehicles through the beds and shores of our waterways can destroy fish habitat and hinder fish spawning. Clearing trees and other vegetation from an area to create a new trail or camping spot also contributes to the deterioration of wildlife habitat. And abandoning vehicles, furniture or significant amounts of garbage ruins the landscape for people and animals alike.

We can all get the most out of these lands if we work together to respect them, and we are announcing a new way for people to do just that. Anyone who witnesses serious public lands abuse can now phone the 24-hour Report A Poacher line to notify a Fish and Wildlife Officer. This is in addition to the line's existing use as a means to report hunting and fishing violations and dangerous wildlife encounters. This new tool will contribute to our multi-agency approach to enforcement. Complaints through the Report A Poacher number will be directed to Fish and Wildlife Officers, who will respond to and investigate most of these public lands abuses. Other complaints will be directed to Conservation Officers and Seasonal Park Rangers to coordinate a response.

To Report Suspected Poaching, call the toll free Report A Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800. The line can also be used for emergencies involving wildlife.

For more information about the Report A Poacher Program, please email us at or call Alberta Conservation Association, toll free, at 1-877-969-9091.

Along frequented highways for over 25 years, the Report A Poacher signs are a reminder that you can call to report suspicious activity in Alberta. Anywhere, anytime.

Taking calls 24/7, literally, Report A Poacher lets outstanding Albertans alert Fish and Wildlife officers to suspicious or illegal activity, hopefully leading to investigations and convictions. If your call leads to a charge, expect a reward.

This last year:

  •   10,375 calls from the public to the RAP toll-free hotline
  •   2,034 of those calls were about suspected illegal activity
  •   333 charges were laid
  •   Approximately $50,000 in rewards paid to individuals whose call and information led to charges
  •   Poachers were brought to justice because of people like you. If you see anything suspicious—pick up the phone. You never know the difference it can make.

Know the Regulations

Besides possessing the required hunting and angling licences, tags, and related permits, we encourage hunters and anglers to familiarize themselves with the Alberta Hunting Regulations and/or the Alberta Sportfishing Regulations.

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Ken Kranrod, Vice President
Alberta Conservation Association