ACA Stocked Lakes

Whether you are a seasoned fishermen with thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment or a complete newbie who found a Spiderman fishing rod at a garage sale, we can help you find a great fishing spot to call your own. With over 60 lakes stocked by our Enhanced stocking program, there are plenty of fish to go around.

Every year, ACA stocks about 100,000 fish in ponds across the province, as part of our Enhanced Fish Stocking project.

2016 ACA Stocked Lakes Table

DistrictWaterbodySpeciesSizeTotal NumberTarget MonthStatus
CardstonMagrath Children's PondRainbow Trout20 cm 1000May and JuneStocked
ClaresholmGranum PondRainbow Trout20 cm450MayStocked
LethbridgeGold Springs Park PondRainbow Trout20 cm3000May and JuneStocked
LethbridgeMcQuillan ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm7000May and JuneStocked
LethbridgeStirling Fish PondRainbow Trout20 cm1000May and JuneStocked
CoaldaleMcVinnie ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm4,400JuneStocked
BrooksBow City EastRainbow Trout20 cm2,000MayStocked
ForemostForemost ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm2,700MayStocked
High RiverEmerson LakeRainbow Trout20 cm2,500MayStocked
LethbridgeEnchant Park PondRainbow Trout20 cm2,000MayStocked
Medicine HatEcho Dale ParkRainbow Trout20 cm1,850MayStocked
LloydminsterBud Miller Park PondRainbow Trout20 cm3,000AprilStocked
ProvostPro Alta PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,400AprilStocked
VegrevilleViking PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,000MayStocked
VermilionIrma F&G PondRainbow Trout20 cm400MayStocked
VermilionClaude N. Brennan MemorialStockedPondRainbow Trout20 cm 2,000 MayStocked
LeducBeaumont PondRainbow Trout20 cm2,500MayStocked
CochraneDewitt's PondRainbow Trout20 cm4,000May and JuneStocked
CochraneMitford PondRainbow Trout20 cm200JuneStocked
OldsCipperley's ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm2,500May and JuneStocked
OldsKraft Wimborne PondRainbow Trout20 cm800May and JuneStocked
OldsMidway ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm3,000May and JuneStocked
Red DeerMitchell PondRainbow Trout20 cm2,000May and JuneStocked
StrathmoreStrathmore Children's PondRainbow Trout20 cm2,500MayStocked
VermilionWallace Park PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,500MayStocked
CamroseDaysland PondRainbow Trout20 cm400AprilStocked
CamroseLougheed Trout PondRainbow Trout20 cm800April and JuneStocked
PonokaCentennial Park PondRainbow Trout20 cm750MayStocked
PonokaNuggent PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,000AprilStocked
PonokaWindsor LakeRainbow Trout20 cm4,000AprilStocked
Red DeerLen Thompson PondRainbow Trout20 cm1500May Stocked
Red DeerEast Stormwater PondRainbow Trout20 cm1500May Stocked
StettlerCastor Fish PondRainbow Trout20 cm600AprilStocked
CamroseBashaw PondRainbow Trout20 cm500MayStocked
PonokaMirror ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm300MayStocked
PonokaTees Trout PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,000MayStocked
Red DeerHansen ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm5,000May and JuneStocked
Red DeerRay's PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,500JuneStocked
CamrosePleasure Island Fish PondRainbow Trout20 cm2,000April and JuneStocked
CamroseTelegraph Park PondRainbow Trout20 cm2,000May and JuneStocked
PonokaMound Red ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm3,250AprilStocked
WetaskiwinWetaskiwin PondRainbow Trout20 cm500MayStocked
AthabascaBoyle PondRainbow Trout20 cm2,250MayStocked
AthabascaWestlock Rec PondRainbow Trout20 cm2,000MayStocked
BonnyvilleBonnyville PondRainbow Trout20 cm500MayStocked
EdmontonLegal ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm1,600MayStocked
EdmontonHermitage Park PondRainbow Trout20 cm3,250AprilStocked
Smoky LakeRadway Fish PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,000MayStocked
VegrevilleLamont ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm2,000AprilStocked
VegrevilleTwo Hills PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,000MayStocked
VegrevilleInnisfree Trout PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,600MayStocked
VegrevilleVegreville Children's PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,000MayStocked
EdmontonGibbons PondRainbow Trout20 cm1000May and JuneStocked
Stony PlainMorinville Heritage LakeRainbow Trout20 cm5000May and JuneStocked
Stony PlainMorinville F&G PondRainbow Trout20 cm1,000MayStocked
EdmontonFt. Lions Community Fish Pond at West River's EdgeRainbow Trout20 cm1,550April and JuneStocked
High RiverEmerson LakeBrown Trout20 cm900MayStocked
CochraneDewitt's PondBrown Trout20 cm600MayStocked
CochraneMitford PondBrown Trout20 cm300MayStocked
CamrosePleasure Island Fish PondBrown Trout20 cm1,000AprilStocked
CamroseTelegraph Park PondBrown Trout20 cm600AprilStocked
Stony PlainBeaumont PondBrown Trout20 cm1,000MayStocked
Stony PlainMorinville F&G PondBrown Trout20 cm600AprilStocked
CoronationGooseberry Park PondRainbow Trout20 cm3,300MayStocked
DrumhellerAnderson DamRainbow Trout20 cm2,500MayStocked
OyenOyen (Concrete)Rainbow Trout20 cm1,200MayStocked
OyenOyen ReservoirRainbow Trout20 cm400MayStocked