Learn to Fish

Fishing in Alberta—it really is that good. This information is dedicated to those who want to learn how to become an angler in our province. Getting into fishing might feel overwhelming, especially if you've never done it before. But every expert was a newcomer at some point, and fishing is simple to start. By following the information and links on this page, you can be out fishing next weekend! 

This couldn't be easier. All you need to do is go to AlbertaRelm.com, click on "Create Account" (top right of the page), and fill out the form.

What is a WIN card?

A Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) is used by hunters and anglers in Alberta to purchase hunting and fishing licenses. The card is valid for five years and it used at the point-of-sale to confirm your eligibility for a license. Read the WIN card F.A.Q for more information.

Another easy one! Go to Alberta RELM and purchase a fishing licence. You can now legally fish in Alberta!

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Alberta Fishing Regulations. Before heading out, check the regulations for the specific waterbody you plan to fish at.

The Catch Fishing Booklet from the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association is a short and easy-to-read booklet (which is also downloadable) that will fill you in on all the details on how to start fishing. It includes information on what gear you’ll need, tying knots, how to hook your first fish, and much more!

Spinning Rod

Typically considered the easier fishing method, spinning rods are great for beginners and kids. For total beginners there is the button-type reel, which, as its name implies, is basically just pushing a button to cast. However there is also the open-face spin reel. The open-face reel requires a bit of technique, but it can be easier to untangle and capable of stronger casts.

Purchase a Fly Rod

Considered to be the more difficult fishing method, attracting keen and accomplished anglers, fly fishing has various benefits for different types of fishing scenarios.

Thanks to our online Discover Guide, it’s easy to find a great fishing spot. Whether you are looking for a nearby stocked pond with easy access and facilities (some even offer wheelchair access), or a remote natural stream thick with greenery, there are more fishing spots than you can count!

Get out there and you’ll be hooked in no time!

Still looking for more information? Trout Unlimited Canada is a great resource for Canadian anglers.