Ferruginous Hawk Trail Camera

2024 Nesting Season

The 2024 ferruginous hawk nesting season is here! This year we will get a glimpse into the lives of a hawk family as they battle the elements, hunt for food, lay eggs, and raise their young. Bookmark this webpage and check back often to see new updates. Be sure to watch for these hawk nesting milestones this summer:

  • Early April – Eggs laid, incubation starts
  • Mid May – Eggs hatch
  • May and Early June – Chick rearing
  • Late June – Adult plumage, wing testing
  • Early July – Fledging!

MULTISAR = Multiple Species at Risk

MULTISAR works with many partners to conserve Species at Risk in Alberta’s native grasslands through habitat stewardship. Aside from the ferruginous hawks, there are many other at-risk grasslands species that their work helps to conserve, while also providing a host of benefits to landholders. If you or someone you know manages land in Alberta’s grassland, have a look at what they do here.

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