Agricultural Opportunities for Producers

ACA allows livestock grazing and haying on certain Conservation Sites to simulate natural disturbance and promote healthy, vigorous forage growth. We offer these opportunities to producers through grazing and haying tenders.

Before you submit your bid, please note:

  • The highest bid may not be accepted. All bids are reviewed and licences awarded within one week of the closing date.
  • The bidder is responsible for viewing the land prior to bidding. Only foot access is permitted.
  • For grazing licences, the licensee is responsible for fence maintenance and water supply if such supply does not exist on the property.
  • Haying or grazing terms generally occur between July 15 and August 31 of any given year. Refer to site-specific agreements for more details.
  • Payment is required in full, prior to start of licence term.
  • The number of grazing days, AUMs, acres, or other units tendered is an approximation.

Get Started

View location opportunities on the map below. Click your desired location on the map or choose from the listing to immediately download the bid PDF.

For more information email us at or call toll-free 1-877-969-9091.

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