Antlered Mule Deer Hunter Survey

Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Antlered Mule Deer Hunter Survey results. The Mule Deer Management Plan Committee is considering a number of possible options for future provincial-wide management of antlered mule deer. As such, the Committee is looking for input from hunters that have held an antlered mule deer special licence. Hunters’ input regarding current draw times, success rates, motivation, and satisfaction is being solicited through a short survey.

Responses were completely anonymous as all answers were aggregated with no intention to identify any single respondent. Participants’ answers are kept in the strictest of confidence with Alberta Conservation Association.

Download 2023 Antlered Mule Deer Hunter Survey Results

Please direct all inquiries about the survey to [email protected]

Thank you to the Mule Deer Management Plan Committee, comprising stakeholder groups (Alberta Beef Producers, Alberta Bowhunters Association, Alberta Conservation Association, Alberta Fish & Game Association, and Alberta Professional Outfitters Society) and the Government of Alberta representatives.