2019 Provincial Pheasant Release Program

This upcoming fall will be the sixth season that ACA is administering the Provincial Pheasant Release Program.

Search Provincial Pheasant Release Sites

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure an ethical hunt, we do not reveal release times or specific dates.

A friendly reminder

There is no need to ask permission to access most of the pheasant release sites run by ACA; however, there are a few sites in southern Alberta located on private land where the landowner needs to be informed prior to access. The landowner contact information is provided in the details for those specific sites.

Most of our release sites are surrounded by private land. Be respectful and remember to ask permission from the landowner before chasing a pheasant onto someone's private property.

Pheasants and clean water

Perhaps the most important component of this program is engaging landowners, counties, and other conservation groups about existing habitat issues and the solutions that are available that support pheasant survival. The permanent cover, shrub, and cattail patches and healthy riparian areas that are essential for pheasants, also improve water quality in our watersheds—providing benefits for a multitude of other wildlife in Alberta.

ACA provides opportunities for veteran pheasant hunters and beginners alike. Supporting work that enhances pheasant habitat depends on continued participation by all.