Revenue Sources 2021/22


  • Total revenue was $23,476,733.
  • We received $14,440,401 from levies on hunting and angling licences.
  • We received $9,036,332 in non-levy revenue; $5,636,820 is related to the land transfer completed between AFGA and ACA in the fiscal for a portion of the Wildlife Trust Fund Conservation Lands.
  • We applied 133.1% of levy value directly toward the conservation of Alberta’s wildlife, fish, and habitats.
  • Administration costs consisted of 5.2% of total expenditures.
  • The current year’s operational surplus is $1,343,489, which reflects increases in partner revenues and continued expenditure management. The operational surplus was used to purchase land in the fiscal in the amount of $828,682 (HSF) as well as other capital expenditures totalling $563,339.

The above chart summarizes the total operating budget breakdown according to each program and revenue area. We encourage you to review the entire Annual Report for a greater understanding of the conservation projects undertaken within each program and how they may relate to your particular interests. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our President and CEO, Todd Zimmerling.