Hunters are Gamechangers

When they commit to the preparation, patience, and follow-through of a hunt, hunters naturally become Alberta’s eyes on the ground. In fact, they can provide key data that can be used for wildlife management by simply sharing what they see.

ABHuntLog is your opportunity to help wildlife biologists by logging your own wildlife observations and harvests. 

Welcome to ABHuntLog

  1. Through this easy-to-use feature in the iHunter app, hunters can shed light on population trends for harvestable species—supplementing what is learned from aerial surveys that happen only every few years in each Wildlife Management Unit (WMU). 
  2. Joining ABHuntLog is completely voluntary, and your data are confidential. We don’t ask for exact locations and all data will be aggregated at the WMU level.
  3. Capturing key information from the field also helps estimate the economic value of outdoor recreational activities and the economic impact of policy changes.
  4. There's major benefit for you too! Your ABHuntLog dashboard is an ideal personal log to record the number of trips taken per WMU, species seen, and what you harvested. The dashboard even helps you to plan future hunts and draws!

Make your Impact: Start Today

If you don’t have it already, install the iHunter Alberta app on your smartphone. Already have it? Perfect!

Next, simply click the  and follow the prompts to sign up. While you're out, you can keep track of the wildlife you observe in ABHuntLog or do this at the end of your outing. You can enter information including species, sex, and age of the major ungulates, carnivores (bear, cougar, coyote, wolf), other mammals (wild boar, rabbits/hares), waterfowl, and some upland game birds. For details on how to use the dashboard and further benefits to you, check out our easy FAQ.

How to Use

Learn more about ABHuntLog on the HYO podcast:

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