Landowner Habitat Program

Alberta’s population has been steadily increasing, reaching over four million in 2013. In less than 10 years (2005 to 2014), the population grew by 800,000. A national study by Global Forest Watch suggests that approximately 410,000 km2 of land has been altered in Alberta—more natural landscape than in any other province. Almost two thirds of the province (62%) has been altered by industrial or agricultural development. Urban and rural development and expansion have also contributed to habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation. The Landowner Habitat Program (LHP) was initiated to help conserve key habitat and reduce habitat loss on privately owned land. The program compensates landowners who are willing to sign a legally binding agreement to retain habitat for a term of 5 to twenty years and provide reasonable public foot access to recreational users. Participants in this program are acknowledged with a project sign and provided with “Use Respect – Ask First” signs to display along their property perimeters. We currently manage 46 LHP agreements across the province, which protect approximately 7,982 ac of wildlife and fish habitat.



Annual Summaries

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Title Year Category
Landowner Habitat Program 2009-2010 3
Landowner Habitat Program 2010-2011 3
Landowner Habitat Program 2011-2012 3
Landowner Habitat Program 2012-2013 3
Landowner Habitat Program 2013-2014 3
Landowner Habitat Program 2014-2015 3
Landowner Habitat Program 2015-2016 3
Landowner Habitat Program 2016-2017 3
Landowner Habitat Program 2017-2018 3