Board of Directors

ACA Board of Directors meets quarterly and consists of 11 member group representatives, one Provincial Government representative, four appointed Public at Large representatives, and the chairholder of the ACA/University of Alberta Chair in Fisheries and Wildlife.


Bill Abercrombie
Bill is currently the Chairman of ACA's Board of Directors, in addition to being the Alberta Trappers' Association (ATA) representative for ACA, and President of the ATA board. Bill has gained decades of wilderness skills, with expertise in animal tracking, trapping, bush awareness, and survival in the northern boreal forest. He is a seasoned educator, having worked with conservation organizations, government agencies, and the private sector. He has been involved in many wildlife studies for the University of Alberta, along with continuing to consult on wildlife issues throughout Alberta.
Robert Gruszecki
Bob has been involved in conservation circles his entire life, more substantially in the education realm of conservation. He is currently Chairman of the following organizations: The Conservation Education W.I.S.E. Foundation, The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association (AHEIA), Hunting for Tomorrow, and the Conservation Education Wildlife Museum.
Sandra Mellon
Sandra joined ACA’s Board of Directors in December 2016 as the Northwest Alberta Public-At-Large (PAL) member. Since 2017, she has been the Treasurer and Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee. With her commitment as the NW PAL completed in December 2022, she has now taken on the role of Business Representative on the board. She has been in the banking profession for over 30 years and is currently a wealth advisor with a Canadian bank. Since meeting her husband, Richard, she has been immersed in the outdoor life, quickly taking to hunting and angling, and then, a few years later, adding trapping to her repertoire. She and Richard raised three children in the same outdoor traditions and are now grandparents to seven, all of whom are outdoors youngsters.
Chuck Priestley
Chuck is in his second, three-year term as Public-At-Large (PAL) Director for Alberta's northeast region and is serving his second, one-year term as Secretary. Chuck grew up in the outdoors enjoying fishing, family camping trips, and outdoor adventures with Scouts. As an adult-onset hunter (ten years ago), Chuck has a deep and ever-growing passion for all things hunting, including conservation, eating well, and pursuing big and small game with family and friends.


Vince Aiello
Vince is a born and raised Albertan with a lifetime love of experiencing the outdoors; he is dedicated to preserving and protecting wild spaces and wildlife. He has 35 years of business management experience with 18 years of conservation and board volunteer work in the province.
Ken Bailey
Ken has spent his professional career in the wildlife conservation industry, including 24 years with Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC). He has also been an outdoors writer for more than 30 years, having published more than 1,200 magazine articles and an award-winning book, No Place Like Home. He currently provides business management support as a consultant to the nonprofit conservation sector, while continuing to write for outdoor publications.
Robin Barnes
Robin has been an active outdoor enthusiast surrounded by the beauty of the mighty Peace Country for most of her life. She grew up on a homestead in northwestern Alberta where hunting, fishing, and trapping were a way of life for her family and “running water” meant actually running for water! She is passionate about creating opportunities to engage young people and families to learn about, enjoy recreating in, and to protect and conserve our environment for future generations.
Tony Blake
Tony is a retired Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) conductor who has called Red Deer home for the majority of his life. He still works every summer as a vegetation manager, treating everything from oil refineries to nature reserves. He has a long history with conservation non-governmental organizations (NGO) including Trout Unlimited Canada, Nature Alberta, the Alberta Native Plant Council, and the Ellis Bird Farm, and is representing Nature Alberta on ACA’s board. He is passionate about sustainable development (a.k.a. intelligent land use planning), preserving native biodiversity, protecting intact watersheds full of native trout, and keeping our existing wild habitats healthy and connected.
Rick Blakeley
Rick has always been interested in the outdoors and conservation from his very early days as a cub scout up to becoming a queen scout and a leader in scouting and the YMCA. He has served Lethbridge College as an instructor and as a leader for over 40 years. He is retired and has more time to dedicate to the work of several conservation organizations including Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) as the Alberta Fish and Game (AFGA) board representative. Rick has a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA), has served on several boards including the Local Authorities Pension Board of Trustees, is the President of the Lethbridge Fish and Game Association (LFGA), and is the Range Operator for their Shooting Sports Facility. Rick is passionate about making it so that future generations will be able to continue to appreciate natural places to hunt, fish, and enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer.
Dr. Mark Boyce
Mark is a Professor of Ecology and holds Alberta Conservation Association’s (ACA) Chair in Fisheries and Wildlife at the University of Alberta. His research specialty is population ecology and currently he is supervising research on bighorn sheep, deer, marten, wild boar, wolves, and sandhill cranes.
Fred Calverley
Fred, a petroleum geologist, worked for a major oil and gas company in senior management. During his career he worked on the ground in every Canadian province and territory including the Arctic Islands. During his leisure time he has always enjoyed fishing, hunting, and hiking. Fred has served his community as a volunteer on the executives of professional, sports, and conservation organizations, two that are national in scope. He represents Trout Unlimited Canada on ACA’s board.
Randy Collins
Randy has been an energetic and vocal volunteer in Alberta’s conservation community for over 40 years. Originally from Stoney Creek, ON, and after a career transfer, Randy became active in the early 1980s with a local Alberta fish and game club in his community. That road has taken many turns over the years with him eventually becoming Alberta Fish and Game Association (AFGA) President from 2005–2007. In 2009, Randy was asked to represent the AFGA on Alberta Conservation Association’s (ACA) board and had been in that capacity for 14 years, and in 2022, Randy assumed the role of ACA Northern Board Liaison.
Neil Keown
Neil has been involved in conservation since helping co-found, and serving as Chair, the Alberta chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA) in 2018, and became BHA’s representative on ACA’s board in 2021. In addition to ACA’s board, he also sits on the Bow River Trout Unlimited Chapter board, in addition to several committees for the Association of Science & Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta. His primary interest is ensuring that public lands and wild places are conserved for the next generations of Albertans.
Richard Mellon
Rich was born into the outdoor life and is a lifelong hunter, angler, and trapper. Rich has made a career in outdoor communication and media as a writer, editor, and TV host/producer. Rich sits on ACA’s board as the Wild Sheep Foundation of Alberta (WSFA) representative.
Richard Stamp
Richard (Rick) along with his wife Marian, own and operate Stamp Seeds/Stamp Farms located at Enchant Alberta, in the centre of the 12 irrigation districts of Southern Alberta. For the past 15 years the Stamps have been instrumental in the development of a large habit project in the middle of intense irrigation production fields. Rick is the representative for the Public-At-Large (PAL), Southern Region.
Brent Watson
Brent is an avid bowhunter, hunter, and trapper for too many years to count. He has served on the Alberta Bowhunters Association Executive for over 20 years—past 18 as President, in addition to being involved in various government and stakeholder committees/meetings/processes. All with the goal to "give back" and make things "better" for future generations.

Board Committees & Taskforces

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