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Turkey Brood Survey

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The Survey

The summer season is a good time for counting wild turkey young, if you’re lucky enough to spot them. We survey turkey broods in the summer because the number of poults (young turkeys) produced by wild turkey hens, and the survival of poults helps us assess annual brood production and wild turkey population trends over time.

Please record all wild turkeys you see between June 5 and November 30 2024.

Keep the following in mind when recording your observations:

  • Enter different groups (i.e., different location on the same day) on a separate survey form.
  • Note if you think you have seen the same turkeys before in the "observed previously" section.
  • Record number of adult hens found with or without poults.
  • Mark the WMU and date of each observation.

The Info

We are interested in all your wild turkey observations, even if you are unsure of their age or sex. This survey gives you the opportunity to report any and all circumstances that you have observed wild turkeys.

  • the number of adult hens and poults found together
  • the number of adult hens found without poults
  • the number of toms or jakes
  • the number of turkeys where age or sex is unknown
  • turkeys that have been previously observed
  • the size of the poult(s) compared to the size of the hen
  • WMU and date of each observation

For more information, refer to Introduction to Documenting Turkey Broods by Indiana Department of Natural Resources PDF document.

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