Conserving Your Land - Your Way

Have you thought about conserving the special place you own and value? We have helped many landowners conserve the places they love—native grasslands, forests, wetlands, foothills—for their families and future generations.

When ACA helps landowners conserve their land, we ensure it remains as it is: wild, alive and cared for. Creative gift planning, made to suit you and your family, can help meet both your financial and charitable goals. It's a legacy to call your own.

Will it Work for Me?

ACA is flexible in designing the right strategy to meet your needs and wants. From donating the land outright to special agreements that allow you to retain ownership of your property—it’s truly up to you. We use many practices, including cash donations or other investments, purchasing land, accepting land donations, joint purchase with other conservation groups, and negotiating habitat lease agreements. Significant tax benefits are available for qualifying land donations under Revenue Canada’s Ecogift Program.

About the Tax

The Ecogift Program provides impressive tax benefits—so much more than the typical tax write-off people assume. Corporate donors may deduct the amount of their ecological gift directly from their taxable income. Individual donors can convert the value of their ecogift into a non-refundable tax credit. Any unused portion of the receipt may be carried forward for up to ten years, with no taxable capital gain (for most gifts the taxable portion is 50% of the capital gain). Call 780-951-8826 to learn more about the Ecogift Program, or visit

Consider Conservation

For more information on land conservation, please contact:
Robert Anderson
[email protected]