Donations: Where Their Story Meets Ours


Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) dedicates this webpage to people whose generosity has gone above and beyond for the sake of conservation.

Donating land or contributing a special gift, sometimes on behalf of a loved one, not only benefits fish, wildlife, and habitat but also adds to the legacy being paid forward to future generations of outdoor enthusiasts.

So thank you to all those who have done more than their part for conservation: those who simply enjoy hunting, fishing, and being outdoors—and want to see these Alberta traditions continue for generations to come.

  • Mary Anna Bankhead
  • Gordon Carnegie
  • Edwin Case
  • Melvin Corbett
  • Marino and Emily Cozzubbo
  • Walter Czyszczon
  • Patches and Awol
  • Robert (Bob) Gouin
  • James Grieve
  • Friedl (Fred) Pomrenk
  • Albert and Hilda Reiner
  • Casper, Marie, Paul, Anna and Elaine Scheerschmidt
  • George Schroeder
  • Walter Thomson