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Surface aerators across lakes in the province are up and running. Do not go beyond danger signs or approach the open water as the aerators create thin ice and open water. Enter onto ice at your own risk.

ACA Aerated Lakes

Why do we aerate lakes?

ACA aerates lakes so that we can help create, maintain, and enhance recreational angling opportunities for Albertans by promoting the year-round survival of trout in stocked waterbodies. Ponds that are typically shallow, eutrophic and experience prolonged ice and snow cover are prone to fish kills. The Aeration Program creates more angling opportunities and a better quality of fish.

ACA Winter Lake Surface Aeration Status Update

Surface aerator installations are currently underway.

As of November 22, 2016:

Lake Status of Aeration Location Contact Inforamtion
Beaver Lake Completed E 16-35-06-W5; 10 km south of Carolin 403-845-8371
Birch Lake Completed 18-35-6-W5 403-845-8371
Cecil Thompson Pond Completed SW 23-83-21-W5; SE of Peace River 780-624-6484
Coleman Fish & Game Pond Completed SW 24-08-05-W5; NW of Blairmore 403-382-4304
East Dollar Lake Completed NW 08-73-21-W5; 30 km north of Valleyview 780-624-6484
Fiesta Lake Completed NE 12-35-06-W5; south of Caroline 403-845-8371
Figure Eight Lake Completed NE 20-84-25-W5; northwest of Peace Rive 780-624-6484
Hansen's Reservoir Completed 29-38-3-W5; 23 km west of Sylvan Lake 403-845-8371
Ironside Pond Completed SW 07-38-07-W5; south of Rocky Mtn. House 403-845-8371
Millers Lake Completed SW 08-53-19-W5; west of Edson 780-410-1999 ext 1971
Mitchell Lake Completed NE 25-37-08-W5; SW of Rocky Mtn. House 403-845-8371
Muir Lake Completed NW 32-53-27-W4; North of Stony Plain 780-410-1999 ext 1971
Police Outpost Lake (New) Completed 8-1-26-W4 403-382-4304
Spring Lake (near Grand Prairie) Fall mechanical turnover; no surface aeration required. NE/SE-23-075-11-W6M 780-624-6484
Spring Lake (west of Stony Plain) Completed 30-52-01-W5 780-410-1999 ext 1971
Sulphur Lake Completed NW 07-89-02-W6; NW of Peace River 780-624-6484
Swan Lake Completed SE 13-70--26-W5 and E 1/2 of 18-70-25 W5 40 km southwest of Valleyview 780-624-6484