2018 Peregrine Cameras

The peregrines have landed! 

So far this  year, they have chosen their nests and partners (sometimes with dire consequences) and laid some eggs. Currently they are incubating the eggs and waiting to hatch their so-ugly-they're-cute young, and when it's time, nudge those chicks into the wide-open sky.

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Species at Risk

Although the peregrine falcon and the ferruginous hawk get a lot of attention because they are obviously excessively cool, there are many other interesting species that are considered to be Species at Risk, and there is no good reason not to learn about them! For example, the greater sage grouse is a very unique looking upland bird and there are very few left in Alberta. Also check out some of the bat conservation initiatives in Alberta.

For further reading, you can read some Species at Risk Conservation Stories, or find more Species at Risk publications and resources.