2017 Peregrine Cameras

The birds have left the building.

With 12 new peregrine chicks hatched, banded and fledged, the peregrines definitely had a successful summer. Although we almost lost 3 chicks to an infectious disease, human intervention and treatment brought all three chicks back to full health. They have since fledged and caught up to their peers. As the weather gets colder, the peregrines will head south to live out the winter. They leave any time from late August to October.

We also want to recognize all sponsors and volunteers who make this project possible. Our bird-loving volunteers provide invaluable updates about the peregrines, something that would be nearly impossible to do without them. A huge thanks to our corporate sponsors for providing the resources to keep the cameras running for 6 years in a row.

Be sure to come back for next year's peregrine season, we may be adding another camera and nest site!

Project Supporters