Kids Can Catch

FAQs: Wabamun Lake Kids Can Catch

  1. Do I need to register? Yes. This will help us estimate the number of people who will be at the event. Register online at
  2. Can I come even if I don't have kids? Absolutely. The event is open to all ages.
  3. Do I need a fishing licence? No. The event is on an Alberta Family Fishing Weekend when you can fish without an Alberta sportfishing licence. Fishing regulations still apply.
  4. What if I catch a fish? Volunteers are on the ice to help you safely release your fish. Wabamun Lake is catch-and-release only.
  5. Where is the event on Wabamun Lake? From Highway 16, take the Wabamun exit 324 south to the Village of Wabamun. Take 50th Street south to Waterfront Park. The event is on the ice, just past the dock. The Village of Wabamun is about 50 minutes west of Edmonton.
  6. Can I park on the ice? For everyone's safety, we ask that people attending the event park at the Waterfront Park parking lot or in the overflow parking in town.
  7. Is it a long walk from the parking lot to the event site on the lake? It's not far. Just think of it as part of the adventure. Bring a toboggan to pull your gear to the event site.
  8. How do I know when ice is safe to be on? For ice safety, never walk on ice that is less than 10 cm (4 in.) thick or drive on ice that is less than 30 cm (12 in.) thick. We will measure ice thickness prior to the event.
  9. What should I wear? This is definitely the time to bring out the winter boots, jackets, pants, mitts, toques, and scarves. The warmer you are, the more fun you'll have.
  10. What should I bring? Come prepared to spend a few hours on the ice. Bring a folding chair, snacks, water, thermos, sunglasses, hand warmers, and extra jackets, blankets, or sleeping bags. Don't forget the toboggan to pull your gear onto the ice.
  11. Is there food? When you check in at the registration tent, you will receive one voucher per person for a free hot dog, while supplies last. Bring your own lunch, snacks, water, and hot drinks to make sure you have enough for the day. There are also restaurants and a grocery store in the Village of Wabamun.
  12. Is there an ice fishing rod I can borrow? Yes, there are loaner rods at the Cabela's tent. Please keep in mind you may need to wait until a fishing rod becomes available.
  13. Can I bring my own ice fishing rod? Yes! If you have ice fishing gear, please bring it. There is a limited number of fishing rods for all participants to share.
  14. Can I bring my own ice fishing tent? Yes. You might end up welcoming other anglers who think it is a tent open to all at the event.
  15. Is there really an ice fishing tent I can fish in? Cabela's sets up ice fishing tents for people to experience. You are welcome to drop a line to see what it is like to fish inside a tent. However, please set up for the day at a pre-drilled hole outside of the tent to allow others to give the tent a try.
  16. Can I bring my own ice auger, snowmobile or quad?  For everyone's safety, please no use of personal ice augers, snowmobiles or quads at the event site.
  17. Can I bring my dog? With hundreds of families ice fishing, we ask that you do not bring your dog to the event site.
  18. What else is there to do? Bring skates. The Village of Wabamun clears a skating oval and rink for pond hockey. You can also head into the Village of Wabamun for a warm drink or lunch at one of the local restaurants. Check out things to do in the village at
  19. What is the cancelation policy? We may decide to cancel the event if Environment Canada forecasts for Stony Plain a temperature of -20 or below with or without wind chill. We will post any cancelation by 9 am the day prior on albertakidscancatch.comFacebook, and Twitter.