Wildlife Program 

As much as our Wildlife Program is about well, wildlife, it's about people too. People make conservation work, so finding common ground with others is a vital step in everything we do. From revealing data about the elusive wolverine to changing the outlook for pronghorn to the first in Alberta farming partnership that benefits wildlife, action is because of people wanting to make a difference. ACA's partnerships make the majority of our wildlife work possible.

This past couple years ACA worked on the widest variety of projects yet:

  • We collected DNA from 14 marten, 177 fisher, 23 fox, 66 lynx, 1 squirrel, 4 weasel, and 110 wolverine hair samples during 2014. Trappers helped collect wolverine photos and DNA samples, and we discovered male wolverines use home ranges of up to 1,200 km2.
  • Public hunting sites from Camrose to Cardston were used in the provincial pheasant release program, improving hunting opportunity over a broad geographic area.
  • We partnered with a working farm to improve vibrant upland bird densities while maintaining a profitable farming operation.
  • We launched the 4-H Raise and Release pheasant program with 4-H Alberta.

Recent Wildlife Projects

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Annual Summaries

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