Breaking it Down,
Every Step of the Way

Alberta is one of the few jurisdictions in North America seeing a growth in the number of hunters. A lot of people speculate the increase comes from an interest in local food, with hunting being a way to ethically source your own protein. But that brings a big learning curve: new hunters, especially from urban areas, typically don’t have a network of family and friends to help them learn. 

Enter Harvest Your Own—a supportive foundation to help develop a hunter's lifestyle:

  • As a website and community (active on Facebook and Instagram), Harvest Your Own inspires confidence in the field and in the kitchen.
  • Whether it’s learning how to get your hunter safety course, understanding hunting regulations, deciding where to hunt, or step-by-step directions on preparing wild game to eat—Harvest Your Own breaks it all down.
  • Nothing replaces real-life experience, so we offer information on how to find a hunting mentor.
  • Expert contributors offer tips and tricks to more in-depth and specialized hunting topics.
  • Harvest Your Own is accessible for many people no matter where they are in their hunting journey, and is a great way to share information between all kinds of hunters.


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